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Hw Infotech Website Clone Services Versus Other Clone Scripts The internet is full of books available at unbelievably cheap prices. Even if you are looking for something like Facebook (a clone you want to call), Groupon races or another site, it offers the third edition of online publications for sale by many people. dealer. The price of cloning of the most popular web-sites is so good that you are almost happy with the price and start dreaming about another social car! But this dream will remain only a dream, at least for a few months, with this type of hand. Look at this - Facebook's clone for $ 1500! Clone Groupon for $ 1000! Unbelievable, right? If you can do Facebook 1500 $, why Mark Zuckerberg does it? What makes Facebook work worth $ 50 billion in IPO and what makes Groupon more affordable than $ 8.46 a day, if their site is blocked,...

Website and Internet Clone which you can develop with PHP

app clone scripts Archives - HW Infotech
Website and Internet Clone which you can develop with PHP PHP is an excellent choice for the Content Management System (CMS). However, many people see this as a simple CMS, which is a site to create landing pages or two. But PHP is more than that. Not only is the PHP theme easy, but there is also a wide range of integrated functionality and a great community that runs popular CMS. One of the biggest advantages of PHP is that you can build just about any website you can imagine with some modules. Do you want to go beyond the basics of a simple CMS system? PHP has an excellent API interface that allows you to extend almost all aspects of the software. In fact, a lot of people started talking about using PHP as a framework because it is solid, well written, supports a lot of traffic and has a large and useful community. You can choose to hire PHP,...

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