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How BlaBlaCar works: Business Model and Revenue Streams

BlaBlaCar is a funky name that begins whose name indicates it is a beginning that is somewhat related to a machine. As their logo suggests, is a major new beginning. This is the beginning of three Mr. Frederic Mazzella, Nicolas Brusson and Francis Nappez. The firm is an online market that connects drivers and travelers who want to travel between cities and share the cost of travel. They offer a unique model in which the horseman can travel at any time by choosing a rider and discussing a place. BlaBlaCar claims to be the most trusted service in the world.

A carpooling service not only provides cost-effective riders and better transit solutions but also provides the motorist with an additional source of income otherwise they will not be covered by the motorist. Some companies have been playing carpool services for some dominant taxi operators who offered carpool for cheaper user opportunities. A carpooling is also effective as it reduces the number of cars on the road, reducing carbon emissions, which in turn contributes to environmental conservation.

How to Launch Your Own Business Similar to BlaBlaCar?

Let’s find out how BlaBlaCar works. As mentioned earlier, it is an online market that can be regarded as a peer-to-peer market model in which on both sides a person interface rather than business for a client or occupation has a career. In B2B and B2C, an organization deals directly with the end user. In this model that the company does, is an individual dealing with an individual?

A conclusion should create a profile on BlaBlaCar’s program or website. A manager makes a profile under the same website or program and updates his / her travel path. A photo-issued government identity card is required. Once the details of the driver and driver are met, accounts are created. The rider must pick the travel destination from their location and choose the most convenient ride by choosing the motorist of their choice from the motorist list and ratings and the best route to their destination. After the trip, the driver must judge the driver. Motorist ratings are given depending on their speaking skills during the journey. “Bla” rating means the less talkative driver,

After creating an account, a member creates an online identity and gets a reputation for sharing their travel experiences with other members of the community. Previously, being part of the community and adding more links was free, but now the firm has set the same cost. Cavalry after travel can not only drive the driver, but the same job nullifies, in which a driver can give feedback on the rider. Cavalry receives contact information from a driver only after the motorist has accepted the trip. During the trip, the horseman must pay for the trip before the start of the trip. However, in case of cancellation of a trip, the amount will be returned to the rider according to the company cancellation policy. With their values to drivers and drivers and a trusted car website, the firm has now become the largest carpooling community in the world.

The story of BlaBlaCar

Each start has a history and a point of pain that enables the founder to find a solution to the problem. The firm has an interesting story to tell.

BlaBlaCar’s idea included a Christmas when founder Frédéric Mazzella, a student at Stanford, wanted to go home for a holiday in the French village and not have a car and there was no seat on a train. The streets were full of people going home to celebrate Christmas with their family. Most of the cars were empty and had no other passengers. He hit what an online site should have that will help people find a driver who is going their way and sharing transport costs in exchange for a vacant site, but no country than existed. He proposes a new community transport network and brings efficiency to road transport by solving the problem of overload and making the journey affordable and social. He has thought of peer networking for people for the eating environment and economic benefits to enable more efficient use of existing resources. Fred started the site and the community began to grow organically. He met co-founder and engineer Francis Nappez and his companion in the MBA class, Nicolas Brusson, the third co-founder.

Start Time, Facts and Figures

In 2004, Vincent Caron bought the domain name and launched a website. In 2006, Frederic Mazzella bought the domain, a firm created by Comuto with the idea of becoming the owner of the business at every location of the car.

In 2008, Comuto launched the revised version of the site. The new version included an aspect of the community that allows public recommendations, profiles, and biographies. In 2008 it became the number one site for carpooling in France.

In 2009, it launched a Spanish version of the website and launched a number of Carpool services for multinational and large companies, including IKEA, Carrefour, MAIF, among others and launched the iPhone application in 2009 with the Android program in 2010.

In 2011, was established in the UK.

In 2012, the online booking service was added to, allowing users to buy their travel website and part of the fund was transferred to managers. This service set its business model and the company has made a profit. Drivers tempted and followed the country to reach the mass. It then expanded to Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Belgium

In 2013, BlaBlaCar expanded to Germany, which already had many carpool sites. The company changed Covoiturage to BlaBlaCar to unite all countries under a name. By the end of 2013, it had 5 million members and 1 million active users in 10 countries.

In 2015, the company expanded to India, bought several transportation companies in Germany, bought Autohop in Europe, and Rides in Mexico. It has reached 20 billion users from 19 countries. He also collaborated with Axa, a renowned insurance company to provide travel and related user insurances.

In 2016, he signed a contract with GoEuro to provide compensation based on the number of connections.

In 2017, she flew with Opel and ALD Automotive for long-term rental services. She also started BlaBlaLines, which was a daily carriage application.

In 2018, this algorithm was upgraded and reached 60 million members and 18 million passengers ever in the 22nd quarter. He later bought Airbus, who was a coach operator in distant distances.

How can I start on online cab booking business like BlaBlaCar Business?

BlaBlaCar Business Model

As mentioned above, the BlaBlaCar business model offers end-to-end travel opportunities through verified and trusted partner managers in 22 countries. This is an air service on the one hand in the distance. Let’s understand the business model in more detail.

Travel agents

The company charges 12 percent of every driver riding on his platform. BlaBlaCar does not own a single car or car but drives millions of trips each day. Mediation is one of the largest sources of income for the company. While in every quarter there are millions of drivers, agents are an important source of income for the company.

Paid connections

Previously, links were provided to free users. However, the company completed free connections in 2011 and provided paid links. This enabled them to earn more income and now their income is about 20% of their total income.

Security service

With a partnership with Axa, the firm received travel insurance and related insurance that enabled the office to provide additional customer service, as well as keeping the hiker safe and secure in an accident. It has also become an additional source of income for the company.

Income from advertising

The business model provided space for people to advertise their carpool. The firm continued to do so in some regions.

Corporate Partnerships

By partnering with well-known and diversified business clients such as IKEA, Carrefour, and others, the company has gained growth and increased revenue as it has riders and daily revenue. Corporate partnerships are profitable for managers who have earned a fixed income.

Long term rental

The company entered into a long-term leaseback coach, providing the entire lease. It offers more revenue to the organization, which can use more riders in the long run in a single coach with the largest capacity of private cars.

So this is the BlaBlaCar Business Model. It has also made the world smaller by making a community of trusted people and eventually making friends. You shouldn’t be surprised if someone finds love or a real friend who uses this freight service.

How to start your own business similar to BlaBlaCar?

If you are willing to start your own business on demand, you need to go with the BlaBlaCar clones that have custom features to make you roll with your own on-demand business.

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    An Insight into the BlaBlaCar Business Model - HW InfotechAn Insight into the BlaBlaCar Business Model - HW InfotechAn Insight into the BlaBlaCar Business Model - HW InfotechAn Insight into the BlaBlaCar Business Model - HW Infotech
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    An Insight into the BlaBlaCar Business Model - HW InfotechAn Insight into the BlaBlaCar Business Model - HW InfotechAn Insight into the BlaBlaCar Business Model - HW InfotechAn Insight into the BlaBlaCar Business Model - HW Infotech