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6 Effective Web Design Trends for Flourishing Your E-Commerce Store

A prospective customer can turn into a full-time buyer just with the intriguing and influential web design of your E-Commerce store. It also depends upon the quality of your online store and the shopping experience it is giving to your consumers. Moreover, the modern consumer wants more from online shopping like the details of your products and services, easy tour of your website, improved UI and UX, etc.

According to the latest reports by Statista, there will be nearly 1.92 billion digital buyers and the size is going to increase to 2.14 billion online buyers by the year 2021 globally. So, to make your buyers stay on your page for a long period, one needs to possess an aesthetically appealing website. The informative content on your website will not only attract organic traffic but will potentially convert into sales. The E-Commerce storeowners need to be abreast with the latest trends that are ongoing in 2019.

As many changes are witnessed in 2019, web design trends are also not left behind. If you are willing to expand your online business, then you can hire an expert from the E-Commerce Web Design Company. Let us see some of these inspiring trends.

  1. Addition of Chatbots

The report by Grand View Research states that the chatbots market is going to reach nearly 1.25 billion US dollars by the year 2025 as it is growing at a CAGR of 24.3%. They are the future of business E-Commerce as they are considered a vital part of the online stores. The reason is the latest advancements to the AI and machine learning process. The Chatbots are proving useful for the E-Commerce stores as they render sales assistance to the users instantly. They are programmed to answer the most common queries of the customers without delaying their shopping.

  1. Use of Micro-interactions

It’s relatively a new technology that is going to pave its way in the year 2019. The Micro-interactions are a kind of small interaction carried out between the particular website and the user. These interactions help users in completing the tasks by acting like the directions. It assists users in the following ways:

  • Providing information to the users when they complete the task
  • To render feedback about the actions the particular user did on the site
  • Showing step-to-step guide for preventing errors of operation
  • Assisting users to stay on the website for long

Here the Micro-interactions are shown in the form of hover animations, sound effects, confirmation messages, error messages, scrolling visuals, and transition animations.

  1. The shift towards Voice Search

You may possess a single vendor or multiple vendor websites, but they must be mobile-optimized because of the increased popularity of the Voice-based searches. This advanced technology has made the work easier for the users as they do not have to scroll through the whole website to find a particular product. Even the customers do not have to fill long forms or write everything they want to find on your site.

The E-Commerce websites with the voice-search options stay ahead in the online competition. To make your site more voice-search friendly, you can start with lining up with vocabulary and grammar and inspect your site for the HTML technology to see if the meta-tags are filled in properly.

  1. Inclusion of Videos

Video content has made rounds from the past few years but there are the latest changes to be seen in the year 2019. The online storeowners are posting more user-friendly videos in order to reach out to their audiences with their product information fast. The social media platforms like IGTV and Snapchat are pushing vertical videos to reach out to a larger number of audiences.

Another advantage of video content is the SEO factor. The websites possessing video contents get an opportunity to stay on the first page of the searches and land on the top of the SERPs. According to findings by Forbes, nearly 65% of the users have visited the seller’s website after watching the video and 53% of people have conducted the search in order to find more information.

  1. Sticking around with the Hamburgers Menu

Many online stores adopt hamburgers menus in the past, but they will be seen in plenty in 2019 too. This menu is already making rounds on the sites present on the internet, as it is an important part of the ‘Bootstrap’ framework. This framework is widely used by designers worldwide.

The online websites that are using this particular framework follow the ‘Bootstrap 3 Navbar’ and they always have the Hamburger Menu on the right side. However, in 2019 to increase the user engagement these menus will be placed on the ‘Left Side’ of the sites for rendering proper navigation. The idea of putting this Menu on the left side is that it catches the user’s attention, firstly, as soon as they land on the business’s website.

  1. Focusing on the Material Design

In order to interact seamlessly with the users, your website’s interface design must possess the right tools. The Material Design has the tools that the E-Commerce online vendors can use to complement the UI to receive most out of their website. This type of design works on varied features consisting of colors, grids, typography, webpage space, and the use of images. All these above features are taken into consideration to design a website that caters well to your online business.

The beneficial effect of material design is that it can be used across varied operating systems, including the IOS and the Android systems. The top sites are the best examples of using material design in the right way like Angular, Androidto, and Behance.


2019 is the year of dominance for the newer web design trends that are going to shape the E-Commerce businesses like never before. If you are a startup or small-sized company, then you can use the already designed b2b or b2c E-Commerce platforms by the reputed company HW Infotech. You can call our advisors to kickstart your business within a short time and at cost-effective pricing.

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    Web design trends for your ecommerce store in 2019 - HW InfotechWeb design trends for your ecommerce store in 2019 - HW InfotechWeb design trends for your ecommerce store in 2019 - HW InfotechWeb design trends for your ecommerce store in 2019 - HW Infotech
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    Web design trends for your ecommerce store in 2019 - HW InfotechWeb design trends for your ecommerce store in 2019 - HW InfotechWeb design trends for your ecommerce store in 2019 - HW InfotechWeb design trends for your ecommerce store in 2019 - HW Infotech