Fake Marketing Strategies, Fake News and Fake Marketing Companies

What is Fake Marketing Strategy?

We live in a world of post-truth. People believe what is convenient and sensational and all they want to hear is what is pleasant. Therefore, businesses are cashing in on this tendency of the human mind by creating fake news advertisement.

Although you can’t blatantly lie, faux marketing can help your business by persuading customers to buy what you sell rather than what they want. Right from the times of the Marlboro Man to the current perfumes and deodorant advertisements, faux marketing employs various different psychological techniques to get customers interested in their products. For example, certain men’s deodorants and aftershave brands advertise that one may have a better chance with the ladies if they use their range of products.

Fake News Marketing

If you are trying to build your brand image through purely digital means, being the victim of fake news can irrecoverably tarnish your brand’s image. Giants like Pepsi, Starbucks, etc have been made victims of the consequences of fake news. That is to say, there can be a severe impact of fake news on business and your brand. Fake news spreads like wildfire. These are the steps you can take to be safe from being a victim of fake news marketing:

Partner Only With Credible Associates

Rather than trying to partner with anyone with a huge following, try to associate with people, brands, and influencers who have credibility and a good public image.

Always Fact Check

Always tell straight facts to your viewers. Whether it is reviews, blog posts, or other kinds of content, it is very important for your brand to only tell the truth to your users. Fake news can make people lose trust in you and your brand. Take the help of reliable sources when citing statistics or backing up claims.

You should also survey and audit all your partners that promote you on their networks. Make sure that they are representing your brand in a way you seem to be fit.

Fake Marketing Companies

Pyramid Schemes, better known as Multi-Level Marketing uses a market strategy that distributes/sells products and generates revenue from a non-salaried workforce. Many marketing frauds in India have been committed under the guise of MLM. Although it can be a quick way to start a home business, one needs to be wary of fake marketing companies. Below are some of the ways you can spot a Fake MLM company:

Product Claims Without Sufficient Backing

If a company claims their product can work miracles chances are it’s fake. Without sufficient fact-based backing, too much hype about a product is an instant red flag.

No Product or Services

Firstly, if the company is too focused on building a team rather than finding customers for their product, chances are its a pyramid scheme with no products or services to offer.

High Pressure

Secondly, if a company prevents you from studying its past, talking to other people, or waiting before taking a decision, consider it a red flag. Fake marketing companies use high-pressure tactics to force you into making a decision.

Above are just some of the many ways you can find out the credibility of a company.

To sum it up, you can use an exaggerated version of the truth to advertise your brand or product by employing a fake or faux marketing strategy. Also, beware and don’t fall victim to a fake marketing company scam.


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