Amazon Clone Scripts

Act like a Marshal & Rock with our Amazon Clone Scripts like an ever improving marketeer

Know ,You have a reason to dictate  your terms & still win hearts with our Amazon Clone Scripts. These clone scripts replicate the features, platforms, web design and navigation elements of the leading global e-commerce marketplace portal. Provides your e-commerce business with a jump start .Its  ready-made feature-rich software is the best in the industry so far.. This clone script can be seamlessly integrated and customized based on your specific business and operational requirements.


Remember SIMPLE THINGS are the most adopted ones because nobody likes to take pain while putting money & efforts  into marketing. Content needs consistent efforts & thus involve resources & time. By easing the Gaps of the Customers pain areas , you can excel & make it really big with our enduring Amazon Clone Scripts

Why you can be a front runner when you launch a marketplace with an Amazon Clone

  1. Know that our Amazon clone scripts allow your business to enjoy record time launches with top-notch security frameworks in place.
  2. Add that These scripts are comprehensively tested and are QA compliant accordingly
  3. Avail User-friendly dashboards, for these are designed & are available within the website back-end to facilitate superior site management and data analytics.
  4. Note that the Payment portals and gateways are also integrated into the clone script, to save time and facilitate record time to market.
  5. Let our amazon clone scripts provide value to what most of the best selling market places require in order to increase efficiency of the new & existing vendor management with an extremely easy centralized thematic applications that have won accolades.

HWInfotech’s clone scripts help entrepreneurs build their own customised e-commerce platforms but at a subsidised cost, as they need not invest funds & efforts in developing an application from scratch. Amazon clone scripts also come with extended features lists and possible scope for upgrades, based on the future requirement of the client. These clone scripts can also be fashioned into responsive web pages that can be accessed on a mobile interface. Believe this ,that Engaging  a trusted vendor with features that  provide them complete integration and maintenance support, is definitely a winner in the industry .In order to fully leverage the benefits of a tailored Amazon clone script fill out the following form for a free demo & enjoy the amazing in-numerous benefits of this marketplace application.

Note ,This Amazon Clone is a true winner because it also makes everyone’s life easy with following additional attributes :

  • You will love the app for its Accommodating Dashboard
  • Many reasons for the competitors envy since it comes with Unlimited Products Listing feature with filters like color, price, size , weight, style, trend etc
  • More Yes, because of its Effortless Stock management module .
  • Ask us why you will steal the show, yes because with GIFT OPTION -Gift services option allows you to offer various pricing options on product level with gifting features like Give-aways, gift wraps, personalized messages for each occasion etc.
  • Multi store feature is a boon since now you can Add multiple locations so customers can locate the nearest store based on the product availability on each location
  • Vendor management is a blessed feature because now Managing multiple sellers across your platforms is easy. Setting per sale commission, review supplier information in real time is available

Other features are powerful too, wanna know why , here are few more  reasons

  • RTL Compatibility – Right to left Language compatibility
  • Bulk Orders Facility
  • Product Labeling Enability
  • Reward points entitlement
  • Sales Tracking on daily,monthly or yearly basis
  • Digital Products – Upload Category, Sub-Category, Brands. Add Products as per the Category, Brands.
  • Refer-A-Friend with identity validation
  • Discount Coupons from Admin to attract more users
  • Easy & Large Vendor Section in order to View all Vendors List. Pay to Vendor, View Vendor Packages and scrolling Slides
  • PMS & Team Management – Assign Roles & Tasks
  • Language Translation Feature
  • Promotional Banners
  • Newsletter Management
  • SMS Management to add subscribers
  • Advertising Feature for banners
  • Post Notice & Offers  to make you Post latest Offers and Notices -. Available for Agent, Enterprise and Suppliers

·        Reviews & Recommendations

·        A Blog Section

  • Get an SEO Friendly Panel with which You can upload Meta Title, Description, Headings etc
  • Avail Slider Settings Panel to easily Upload your Layer/Top Slider Banners, Logos, Default Images etc right from the Admin Panel
  • Most Important Reports section which enables you to View Stock details, Bestsellers, Converters,Losers,Winners. Now,Compare and get Wishes product report details for better management

The List is endless why because know  What Support You will Get from US?

1.   Its Fully Customisable for unlimited amendments

2.   Free BUG SUPPORT for a year – In case, If there are any bugs or issues of any type you can send us your report, we will fix it & Update the status of the work.

3.   License for a lifetime : Source Code for a lifetime license and one domain/ brand. With a one-off payment, your software will be covered for the duration of a lifetime.

4.  Add that the Web Panels work smoothly in open source Linux Servers. Informs you, once the server configuration and hosting has been done by the technical team

5.   Open Source Database – MySQL is the one we use which is an open source and a secure database. You just have to pay bare minimal price for license renewal every year

6.   GLOBAL PAYMENTS : All Our Scripts support International Payment Gateways, API with easy Installations of new ones as per the business needs.

7.Free Tech Support for a year :

Even non-technical entrepreneurs will be benefit ted since we handle everything till everything is launched successfully

8.An Open Source Code For Customization

Why we say this because we provide a 100% open source code that fits  all sorts of customization’s.


We would be happy to launch all Apps and Web Panels for you on your Brand name on your Server & Play Stores in just 7-10 working Days .

Take following A-Z detailed advantages of amazon clone scipts at Hw Infotech namely

·         Detailed Analysis

Receive Meaningful insights & Interactions for comprehensive requirement gathering from Clients.

·         Payment Integration

Get Built-in support for well known payment gateways with new integration support.

·         Notifications Integration

Receive Loading Push notifications, email updates and SMS alerts setup & Integration

·         API Integration

Get Support for all API including International Platforms.

·         Server Setup & Backup

Win On-premise deployment of this sailing boat solution for full data control.

·         Security Compliance Check

Award yourself, a thorough data security audit, to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards.

·         App Store Submissions

Attain Successful listing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for enhanced visibility

·         Support & Maintenance

Earn Hassle free launching and faster tech-support for streamlining operations.




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