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Booking Clone Script .Interesting, isn’t it, yes it is, Find out HOW & WHY

We have innovated a, one-of-its-kind, custom solutions and ready-to-go platform approach for your clone script requirement. This booking clone scripts covers & contain all Not-to-miss features & modules ,you need for your online business similar to

Our White Label Clone Script has all Market Champion Features

  • A White Label clone script is a readymade software script designed in open source meant specifically for online travel and accommodation bookings. The Online user can book any of the various types of properties for accommodation including hotels, villa or an apartment, or your own unique offers & options with our Best clone script.
  • In addition to this , there is a provision for other services along with accommodation like flight bookings, cruise bookings, holiday packages bookings, restaurants, coaches, car rentals bookings, airport taxis transfers & booking, one-way & return railway tickets, and many more services with the help of clone PHP.
  • This Booking Clone script encompasses all possible online payment options

  • clone script PHP encompasses almost all various types of payment options available online e.g. online banking transfers, credits & debit cards, payment gateways, online wallets, and loads of indifferent-yet-easy to offer options for your online customers.
  • Clone Script is a marvelous growth hacking system

  • This one-of-its-kind clone script is your Growth Hacking system where each User Behaviour Activity gets tracked & recorded, analyzed & accordingly you can use your digital marketing efforts to sell well & at the same-time, serve the best custom solutions & offers for the growth of a life-time business

Why we call this a powerful clone ?

This Ready-to-market script are the best website clone scripts from the house of Hw Infotech. These website clone scripts have following unparalleled features,

  • It is fully responsive working on all sorts of smart gadgets and requires no special installation or technical know-how.
  • Comprehensive Hotel ,Flights, Property Search Module Complete with Smart Search Option & it is as simple as it can be
  • clone script search feature is neat, straightforward, and easy to use for those searching for your services, be it hotels or flights or properties or with advanced search options like filtering, auto-complete, and so forth to narrow down search process while booking.
  • Best deals section where You can display highlighted offers & make more money through the brands or even your own business assets. Clone script allows you to fully customize front-end and backend functions as administrators .
  • You can add more listings of hotels or rooms as you want with a unique order ID for every booking •
  • With each entry, you can enter the full Hotel Name, a unique Short Description, prices, availability . Moreover , you can add respective SKU and URL Keys
  • SEO Friendly features and other features of this Clone Script

  • Add SEO-Friendly features including the option to include Meta Tags • Option to display all important booking details . SEO is advantageous for your business becomes visible in Google & Other Search Engines Results pages
  • Easy management of all hotel orders and bookings •
  • You can manually approve/dis-approve all customer reviews before they are published For Your Customers
  • The search option is further-more customizable to include the City, Check-in and Check-out Dates
  • Search Option for hotel /property category is there as well to make more user friendly
  • The customer can view Recently added hotels and their
  • The clone comes with a beautiful home page banner highlighting the hotels front & room inside view & on the product(hotel or property page), magnified image views are facilitated for the customer.
  • To See All Features Go To the Product Page
  • All of your customers have an option to check room availability and do bookings based on room type
  • A review and rating of each hotel/travel vendor is designed for your business growth monitoring & the monitoring how good different brands/vendors are focused towards Customer satisfaction Index (CSI)
  • Hw Infotech online clone script has accounts dashboard and the option to manage sensitive data like username and password with ease
  • Our clone script has all necessary documentations, ready with the software kit & gives you the freedom of rebranding your business with a white label

Buy Online Booking Clone Script:

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Product engineering- Clone Script

Transforming an idea into implementation requires understanding, skill, understanding and dedication of the domain. We offer personalized engineering solutions for your requirements. See how we can add value to your business to realize your idea.

  • Concepts

    We are working on proof of concept (POC), sustainable minimal product (MVP), prototypes by assessing the size of the market and segment, target group, growth potential, etc. to verify your idea.

  • Analysis

    Regardless of what you will need to view and predict the idea of ​​Clone Script, our team of business analysts will work on wire frames, SRS, SOW, diagrams, etc. to analyze and visualize visions.

  • Design

    We will use typical required functions along with the user interface and user experience that can engage target audiences. The cloning project on clone script can be the same as on one of the script pages with review reviews or it can be completely different and unique.

  • Development

    The development will comply with the cloning requirements for a custom clone script. We have a Center of Excellence (CoE) to meet your requirements thanks to agile development methodology and DevOps in implementing the solution.

  • Quality control

    To ensure product performance, we run unit tests, integration and regression tests that complement your mission. In addition, we also provide speed tests, security checks, load checks, pressure checks, and server load balancing as required.

  • Product Launch

    We assist in the implementation of the server to help you live. You can also host the catalog with us. The server may be near your location or target market from which you expect traffic.

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