What is SEO Marketing ?

A Search Engine like Google is a place where SEO Marketing refers to and SEO  Marketing stands for  Search Engine Optimization marketing , and there is nothing really mystical about it . Google evaluates the websites listed in its database called as “ Indexed Web Pages “ . It follows certain Google Specific mathematical formulae called search “algorithms”. On the basis of its evaluated judgement, a score is assigned to each web page or whole website.

These scores are reflections of User-Friendly content & navigation, mentions of web pages over external sites. Typically around more than 200 signals of ranking parameters have to be followed to win the attention of google.

Once the scores are awarded google displays the search results pages against the matching user search queries called “ Keywords” in search industry.There are zillions of indexed web pages in google data centre and there is stiff competition to rank higher for the Keywords .

That’s when you need an SEO Marketing agency to help you gain top positions in Organic Results ( one single page has maximum 10 results or web pages listed). The dynamics of search engine results is ever changing because there is humangous scope for each industry player to compete against each other by SEO marketing.

What is Monthly Search Volume in SEO Marketing ?

How many searches happen for a particular keyword on a monthly basis is called “ Monthly search volume” . There are many paid and free keyword research   tools that facilitate you his important of Search volume. Once we know, how much a keyword is searched monthly, we are clear with our target. Because this search volume is the no. of visitors/visits for that keyword. Its pretty straight, you get the quality SEO work done & gain better rankings to get the optimum share of visitor traffic.

What is Search Intent in SEO Marketing ?

It refers to the intent or motive of a user for a Keyword Search e. g. if someone searches with a keyword like “ buy maxi dress online “, it is quite evident that we she is searching for, of course looking to shop maxi dresses.  If You are a fashion etailor selling ”maxi dresses”, this should be your target. And the target is, to rank on top 5 results on the Ist page of SERP(Search engine Results page).




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