Email marketing

Goals for email marketing campaigns vary widely, from brand awareness and company news to promotional offers and lead generation. In every case, email marketing offers firms a valuable opportunity to touch customers and prospects with useful and actionable information.

The Process

First we’ll create an email messaging calendar to outline what messaging should go out when.  Next, we’ll help you build your initial list by leveraging any data you currently have – whether it’s a nice tidy spreadsheet or just a folder in your Outlook with a ton of emails saved.  Lastly, we’ll create the layout template and copy for your first email and tweak it until it’s ready to send out.  And just like that, your business is now more efficient – generating more sales by leveraging contacts you already had.

But that’s only the start of it!  Our inbound marketing campaigns will increase traffic and conversions on your website, thus generating new sales in the short-term and also building your email list for continual re-marketing.

Already handling email marketing in-house or with another vendor?  No problem, we can provide a few suggestions to help improve your results, and then focus our efforts on the rest of the inbound marketing campaign, which will help drive traffic and increase the number of signups on your email marketing list.


Why we: We Do It Right. Anything Else Is Not Worth Doing.

Rely on our experience and expertise to execute email campaigns with precision and persuasion. In today’s environment of hypersensitivity to spam, an email campaign that comes up short – in terms of design, distribution and message – drives away potential business and relegates future messages to the spam folder. We will help you make money with email rather than lose it.

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